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Jan 4

I think I have a new #LifeList item: be loved on by a gorilla.


A troop of wild mountain gorillas recently turned a typical ecotourism encounter upside down when the animals paid a visit to a tented camp in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Video footage, now gone viral, shows baby and adult gorillas approaching U.S. tourist John J. King II, sitting with him, and even grooming him as he sits in quiet amazement—right next to a giant male silverback gorilla.

At first, “this baby kind of grabbed my arm in a very gentle way. I just can’t tell you how gentle it was. It was like a young child touching your arm in a way that’s very endearing.

This was a big hit with the co-curator. You can read more about the experience on

via Devour.

(Source: thekidshouldseethis)

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